How To Use

The above picture is what you would see when you load up my app for the first time. The app is made up of three different sections that hold a pie chart and bar graph. When you first load it will show data from the entire United States as a starting put. On the left you will see the user interface to change the values and settings on the graph. I will go over what each of these buttons do on the graph.

This is the image of the user interface which will allow you to change settings on the graph. It shows three buttons to select different states and the United States as whole. After these three sets of buttons there is button to change the range of values on the graph. So you can choose show all 85 age group or do group of them in 10 year ranges. The last set of buttons deal with show what amount of people consious during certain events that I have selected. One button allows you to select the event which is the on the bottom left and one on the bottom right allows you to trigger the graphs to highlight those events.

This shows what the graphs look like by default when you first load up the page. The page has three sets of a bar graph and pie graph.


The data that I used came US census data site which is this this site here. I first grabbed the data from the US census website and then processed it using python.

How to Install and Run